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Instructions & Expectations

How early should I arrive to my appointment?

Please arrive 5 mins before your appointment, we ask that you wait in your car and text us when you arrive. So feel free to sit in your car and hang if you're early! Appointment arrivals later than 10 minutes or more will be asked to reschedule.

Should I come with clean or dirty hair?

So many stylists have so many different opinions on this! Heres the facts: Greasy hair is scientifically more difficult to color. The hair color has to break through layers of dry shampoo and oils that might not do as well when it comes to coloring or lifting evenly. I would prefer the hair to be clean. If you show up with dirty hair I absolutely don't mind, just know that to nail that perfect color, you'll have a better chance working with clean hair.

Is there a lot of parking?

Willow & Rayne has a  parking lot  out back that has plenty of spots so parking should never be a worry.

What should I wear?

Working with hair color can be tricky. Please avoid wearing anything you would hate to get hair color on. Also, avoid shirts with large hoods or turtle necks. Black is always preferred, especially for that aesthetically pleasing Instagram pic. 

Is there a bathroom available?

Willow & Rayne has a nice bathroom inside to the back left! Feel free to use at any time and of course, you will be allowed to take a bathroom break if needed during the appointment.

What appointment amenities do you offer?

I take pride in my salon experience and want to provide ultimate comfort. I have stocked basic snacks, chocolates, Diet Coke, Seltzer Water, Wine, White Claw, Coffee & Water all free of charge. I also use warm towels infused with essential oil during every shampoo, dry and deep treatment.

Can I "work from home" during my appointment?

W&R offers guest WiFi, free of charge! Bring your laptop and charger and work away!

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