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About Us:

At Willow & Rayne Hair Salon, we distinguish ourselves through a collaborative approach that ensures you receive the best possible results by matching you with the right salon specialist to achieve your hair goals. Each of our custom color services comes with the comprehensive Willow & Rayne standard experience, no matter which stylist you see.


**The Willow & Rayne Experience Includes:**


- Detailed Consultation

- Iced/Hot Latte Bar Served by Your Stylist

- Beverage Bar

- Essential Oil Infused Hot Towels

- Snack Bar

- Custom Product Line Ups

- Music Selection

- TV Selection

- New Client Gifts

- One-on-One Services with Your Stylist

- 24/7 Online Booking


Inspired by a lifelong dream, master stylist and extension specialist Nikki Browning (@hairbyniklo) founded Willow & Rayne Hair Salon. What once served as a barbershop has been completely transformed into a modern, private, and exceptional salon environment. Our unique setup features a one-chair salon for unparalleled privacy and individualized attention, ensuring that every visit is a special experience.


Our Products

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