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Our mission is to offer the everyday woman an exceptional hair experience to remember. Here, we offer one on one hair appointments in our private, one chair salon with price transparency and hair integrity being our main focus.
Each of our stylists exceed expectations within their individual specialties. Have confidence you will enjoy your time in salon and relax in the trusted hands of our Willow & Rayne service providers anytime you book.


At Willow & Rayne you can always expect top of the line service from Grove City's elite service providers. Check out our stylists and their specialities below:



-Hand- Tied Hair Extension Specialist
-Highlighting and Balayage Specialist

Nikki is the perfect stylist for you if you have or want extensions of any color or you're looking for a seamless color. She is best known for putting quality and comfort above all else. Leaving you with comfy grow outs, educated maintenance routines and confidence. 

Nikki likes to have fun during hair appointments and make genuine connections. Nikki's extension and color clients see her every 5-9 weeks. *Accepting New Client Applications*



Blondes & Extensions

Rachel is the stylist for you if you’re in need of a blonding transformation, hand tied extensions and/ or regular upkeep. She spends her time in the salon connecting with guests and taking time to set them up with the best plan possible to achieve their hair goals. 

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Lived-In Blonde Specialist

Katy is the perfect stylist for you if you love low maintenance looks without needing the consistent the upkeep. Katy is most known for her relaxing hair experiences and calming personality. Katy's clients tend to see her every 3-6 months.

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Dimensional Brunette Specialist (Hand Tied Extensions Coming Soon With Ariana)

Ariana is the perfect stylist for you if you love to rocking a dimensional brunette color with peaks of light and sun kissed dimension. She enjoys thinking out of the box to spice up your day to day color/style. Her clients tend to see her every 6-12 weeks.



Curl Specialist (In Training), Color Specialist (In Training)

Sophia is the perfect stylist for you if you are looking for a simple custom look while she is still in training. To book with Sophia please send her an email of what you are interested in getting done!

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