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Our Mission...

Helping the everyday woman feel her best by enhancing beauty with integrity based hand tied extensions.

We have two extension stylists at Willow & Rayne.

Nikki (Owner/Stylist) & Kayla (Stylist).

Please complete our 3 step system below to become a client

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One Row: 

No length added, thickening only.

Extension hair purchased separately

Est. One-Time Hair Cost: $500+


Three Rows:
Maximum thickness/length.

For those with blunt cuts or thick natural density.

Extension hair purchased separately

Est. One-Time Hair Cost: $1400+


Two Rows: 
Thickening + added length. 

Extension hair purchased separately

Est. One-Time Hair Cost: $1000+




Returning Guests

For maintenance appointments you can expect the following investment...

New hair will need to be repurchased every 8-12 months (with proper care).


Maintenance appointments will be every 6-8 weeks.

Maintenance Cost: $135/row + $35 removal Fee


Color is additional cost depending on each guest's needs.

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What to expect with maintenence...

With hand tied beaded row hair extensions, you have to visit the hair salon every 6-9 weeks for routine maintenance to have your hair extensions ‘moved up’ and retied into your hair. Hair purchased during first time guest appointment can be reused for 8-13 months depending on clients at home care


As your hair grows, the hair that is attached to your extension wefts, also grows. Because of this, you have to move up the wefts into your hair so that they remain at your scalp and don’t grow out with the rest of your hair. This minimizes the tear and pull of the hair that is attached to your hair extensions and minimizes damage at the root of your hair. It also makes the extensions easier to style when they are closer to your root rather than hanging by a couple strands.

Want to know more about At-Home Care? Click link below for my at home extension haircare guide

Current Extension Guest & Need To Make an Appointment Adjustment?

How To Book:

This digital consultation forms helps me prepare and work on paperwork to give you during our initial in person consultation, as well as prepare for any questions you may have.

Step 1
Step 2

Check out the extension FAQ page for all the latest questions about extensions to put your mind at ease.

Step 3

During your in person consultation we will discuss the game plan for your extension journey, as well as color match and order your extension hair.

A $500-$1500 deposit will be required at this appointment to book install appointment. Deposit price will vary depending on package chosen.

Install appointment will also be booked during this consultation

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