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Our Mission...

We are dedicated to boosting the confidence of everyday women, we strive to elevate beauty through ethical approaches, focusing on the art of hair extensions.

We have two extension stylists at Willow & Rayne.

Nikki (Owner/Stylist) and Rachel (Stylist)

Please complete our system below to become a client.


To initiate the process of getting hair extensions, the initial step involves completing an extension application.


The journey begins with your very first in-person consultation. In this 30-minute session, we'll delve into your hair aspirations, set expectations, and outline the cost of the initial appointment. A flexible deposit, which varies, will be necessary during this consultation. This deposit secures your slot and will be deducted from the final balance on the installation day. Additionally, we'll place an order for your hair on this day.

A significant portion of your initial appointment cost will be allocated to your hair extension hair. You'll only need to invest in hair repurchase every 6-12 months, given that you maintain proper at-home care. This same hair will be utilized for each subsequent move-up appointment.

Finally, as a warm welcome, you'll receive a special new client gift designed to pave the way for your successful new journey with sustainable extensions.


1 Row: 

No length added, thickening only.


EST. TOTAL: $500-$1000+


$100 every 6-9 weeks

2 Rows: 
Thickening + added length. 


EST. TOTAL: $700-1500+


$200 every 6-9 weeks

3 Rows:

For those with blunt cuts or thick natural density.


TOTAL: $1100-2000+


$300 every 6-9 weeks

Returning Guests

When it comes to maintenance appointments, the anticipated investment will include the following:


You'll need to consider repurchasing new hair every 8-12 months, provided you've maintained proper care.


Guests will be kindly requested to return every 6-9 weeks for a restitch. This appointment involves the removal and subsequent resewing of the extensions.


For this service, the charge is $100 per row, which typically takes around 1-2 hours.


Please note that any additional color services will incur extra charges, tailored to each guest's specific requirements.


What to expect with maintenence...

With hand tied beaded row hair extensions, you have to visit the hair salon every 6-9 weeks for routine maintenance to have your hair extensions ‘moved up’ and retied into your hair. Hair purchased during first time guest appointment can be reused for 8-12 months depending on clients at home care


As your hair grows, the hair that is attached to your extension wefts, also grows. Because of this, you have to move up the wefts into your hair so that they remain at your scalp and don’t grow out with the rest of your hair. This minimizes the tear and pull of the hair that is attached to your hair extensions and minimizes damage at the root of your hair. It also makes the extensions easier to style when they are closer to your root rather than hanging by a couple strands.

How To Book:

Completing this digital consultation form assists me in getting ready, not only with the necessary paperwork for our initial in-person consultation but also in preparing to address any inquiries you might have. You can anticipate contact from your extension stylist within 48 hours of submitting your extension application.

Step 1
Current Extension Guest & Need To Make an Appointment Adjustment?
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