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Image by Tim Mossholder

How long do extensions last?

Extension hair can last anywhere from 8-13 months depending on how well the clinet takes care of the hair.Proper brushing and adding oil is essential. The extensions themselves will be taken out and re-sewn in every 6-8 weeks.

Image by Jasmin Ne

Why Hand Tied?

Unlike tape ins, hand tied extensions are less mess and more comfort. You can wash and brush your hair  easily without having to worry about the tapes.

What will my investment be?

Your initial investment is determined by multiple factors. A consultation is required to discuss length, density, and color. Pricing can vary significantly, because no two heads are the same.


Will extensions damage my hair?

NO WAY! Extensions should help aid the hair growth. If you are experiencing hair loss due to extensions, try taking a break or looking into a new method! 

Image by Hannah Skelly

How long do appointments take?

Depending on each individual client, timing varies. If you are planning on getting a color and a full install I would plan on 3-4.5 hours! If you're just coming in for a move-up  expect to be with me for 1-1.5 hours!

Image by Ella Jardim

Do Hand-Tied Extensions Hurt?

​Proper technique is critical to a pain-free installation and comfortable 6-8 week grow-out. We are so sorry if you have experienced pain from other hand-tied extensions in the past! There are a variety of factors that may have contributed to that, but I am happy to report that we have no complaints of pain from our clients, and will do everything to make sure you are comfortable during your appointment and for the duration of your experience with your hair!​

Should I pack a lunch?

Up to you! At the hairbyniklo studio I believe that comfort is above all else. I have complementary snacks, soft drinks, water, wine and even some white claws to make your experience the most enjoyable! My space is your space!

Image by Jordan Nix

How do you sleep with extensions?

Sleeping is easy peasy when it comes to extensions. Pull your hair back into a low post or loose braid. For optimal results, sleep with a stain pillow case and use a silk bonnet!

Image by Kinga Cichewicz
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