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There are several things to do to care for your extensions and minimize wear in the 6-8 weeks between maintenance appointments.

  • Only wash hair 1-2 times per week. Over washing is not only bad for your personal hair, but it also dries out your extensions, so try to avoid unneeded washes by using dry shampoo.

  • Minimize heat styling and only do so when absolutely necessary. For blow drying, let hair dry almost completely before finishing blow drying my hair straight. Use a very low heat level on the blow dryer. When you curl the hair, try to make that curl last for 2-3 days with minimal touch ups in-between. I definitely recommend using a heat protectant on your hair extensions that will minimize heat damage when heat styling, too.

  • Use a wet brush or wide tooth comb to comb through extensions a minimum of 2 times per day. Start from the bottom up when brushing to avoid any additional pulling. When you minimize pull, it will help keep your hair healthy and avoid breakage to the hair that is attached to your hair extensions.

  • At night it is best to braid the hair back or wear a low tension pony and if possible sleep in a silk/ satin hair cap to avoid tear and pull while you sleep. Again, helps minimize breakage of your hair extensions and your personal hair. Spray dry shampoo on roots to extend style and avoid excessive washing.

  • NEVER go to bed with wet extensions. Wet extensions can produce unwanted matting and in some extreme cases the hair can mold due to excess water

  • Avoid swimming in chlorine, lake water, salt water, etc when it comes to your extensions. If you plan to get the hair wet with chlorine or any natural body of water, apply a thin layer of product, conditioner or heat protection cream to protect the hair from absorbing unwanted chemicals and staining the hair. Certain sunscreens can also ruin your extensions and turn them pink so please reach out to your stylist on what sunscreen is best for your extensions.

What products should be used on extensions?

It is a necessity to use a silicone, paraben and sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Certain shampoo and conditioners are not extension friendly and you should always use stylist recommendations to keep extensions looking good and continuing to be long lasting. I will not back extensions that have been damaged due to improper hair aftercare.

Image by Elizabeth Pishal
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